With some 680,500 euros, 111 international theatrical releases of German films were supported in 2015 with German Films’ own Distribution Support program, marking a significant increase in the number of film releases and the amount of funding provided. The awarded funds contributed to additional marketing measures for the films in the respective territories. Never before had so many international distributors applied for Distribution Support from German Films. Funds were awarded in 2015 in 37 international territories, with France at the top of the list, followed by Poland and Spain. The films PHOENIX and VICTORIA led the pack with 11 funding awards each, followed by LABYRINTH OF LIES and THE CUT with nine support awards each.

Of the total amount of funding in 2015, some 255,000 euros were issued to international distributors as conditionally repayable loans and 425,500 euros as grants. The next Distribution Support committee meeting will take place on 14 April 2016. Deadline for application submissions is 4 April 2016. More information and application forms can be found at www.german-films.de/distributorscorner/distribution-support/.