For the third time, the German Films Previews returned to the city of Dresden. During three days over 80 distributors and buyers from more than 35 countries had the opportunity to screen 15 new German films in the theater and see additional titles provided through an extensive DVD library. The event proved to be the perfect setting for effective networking and several deals and negotiations were made on site: BECK’S LAST SUMMER was sold to Korea, the dramas A BREATH, A HEAVY HEART, COCONUT HERO, DER NACHTMAHR and the comedy HIGHWAY TO HELLAS generated a lot of interest as well. An additional highlight for distributors who had bought 13 MINUTES by Oliver Hirsch­biegel was the opportunity to talk to lead actor Christian Friedel about the film’s release in their respective territories. Invita­tions to Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the UK were issued. Mariette Rissenbeek, managing director German Films: “The German Films Previews have once again demonstrated themselves to be an excellent platform for making deals and having productive discussions.”

German Films Previews 2015 in Dresden (photo © Tobias Sauer)