Doris Dörrie likes Madrid and Madrid likes Doris Dörrie. Over 1,000 spectators came to the screenings of FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR, which opened the 18th annual Festival of German Films at the Cine Palafox on 7 June 2016. After a lively Q&A with Doris Dörrie, the film went on to win the festival’s Audience Award, which was presented this year in cooperation with the Spanish VOD platform Filmin. A total of some 5,500 admissions at the 18th edition signified another high and a new chapter in the success story for German cinema in Madrid.

The festival served as the avant-premiere for the forthcoming theatrical releases for FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR and MISS SIXTY by Sigrid Hörner: FUKUSHIMA, MON AMOUR will open in Spain in September, MISS SIXTY on 5 August 2016, and the Spanish distributors Abordar and Vercine made use of the two directors’ presence in Madrid for their press campaigns.

There was also a great atmosphere at the 18th birthday party in the Café Berlin. Klaus Maeck, who was a part of the Goethe-Institut Madrid’s popular focus program LA MOVIDA BERLINESA with his documentary B-MOVIE: LUST AND SOUND IN WEST BERLIN 1979-1989, put on his DJ hat to play tracks from the film and kept the dancefloor moving.

Lilith Stangenberg, Dr. Peter Tempel, Doris Dörrie, Margareta Hauschild, Mariette Rissenbeek, Juan Carlos de la Hoz, Maike Schantz
(photo © Alberto Nevado)